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ayebydan ([personal profile] ayebydan) wrote2025-05-15 10:43 pm

adding ♥

On my travels I saw a post like this and I think it is a fantastic idea to have something like this. Basically these are the rules to my journal and it would be grand if you followed them.

♥ Be polite to other commenters. I know some of you better than others so banter could be among friends but if you're interacting with someone you don't know then be nice.
♥ Don't be sexist, racist, transphobic, ablist, anti-Semitic, xenophobic in my journal
♥ Please call me out if I do any of the above. I sure hope I don't slip but I've made mistakes in the past through ignorance and internalised transphobia (I'm genderqueer but she/her is at the moment)
♥ Tell me if you need specific trigger warnings.
♥ Mental illness is common in my circles so keep that in mind when commenting.
♥ Know that I swear and that will not be changing. In my culture 'fuck' is basically an adjective.