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"some people try to destroy you, precisely because they recognise your power - not because they don't see it but because they see it and don't want it to exist" janet mock

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Not the HP meta post I thought I would first write here but the one that fandom secrets seems to keep on pushing. Albus Dumbledore was written as gay from the Philosopher's Stone onwards. But, he was subtle because it was the 90s and it was not safe to just have him shack up with his ah, how shall we put it, world domination searching boyfriend. I want to thank A and E for their time in hashing out some ideas with me and looking parts of this over before I decided to post t.

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this was written in the 90s
in Britain
for Schoolkids. Primary aged.

I think far too many people see these stories through a present-day lens and forget that. I am not a person that believes JK Rowling would have got these books published if she said from the Philosopher's Stone that it was a boarding school under a gay headmaster.So many schools banned the books anyway and certainly in the United States, where this push against her saying she should have said it from the start seems be strongest, the banning was at its most hysterical.

Another important detail I always want to chip in with is that Rowling is not that great a writer. She is a wonderful world builder and she creates dramatic plotlines but years of meta and fan nerd wondering has demonstrated holes in everything she has done. The Potter fandom is a victim of itself. It put Rowling on a pedestal even when she said not to. Then they wondered why she fell of it. 'They' say that her using Remus as a comparison for Aids is flawed. Well, so is she. The basics of it are clear and show good intent. She just executes it badly. For adults. For the children it is aimed at the message is probably concrete enough, especially as it was given at a time when kids were still caught between parents freaking out at the mention of HIV and schools trying to push back against the idea that you could 'catch' HIV from a toilet seat.

The idea given is simple. A is perceived as a monster. This is wrong. A has done nothing wrong to have their illness. It is hard to catch A's illness if you do X and Y. Don't be like B, the nasty person. Be nice like C. Simple.

Adding to the 'gay Dumbledore' problem is that when she wrote the first five books were published while Section 28 of the Local Government Act was still an active part of law in England and Wales. In Scotland it was the first three books that had been published under the law. This stated that local authorities,

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1. What size (twin, full, etc.) is your bed?


2. How many pillows do you sleep with?

Four main pillows but only 3 are on the bed at night. One is Nico's (my dog)and sits on the floor against the bed with a blanket from around 10pm for him to lie on. Then I have two plushie types and one mini square cushion.

3. Do you have a weighted blanket? If so, does it help you?

No. I sleep with a very thin duvet and even in winter try escape it so a weighted blanket is not my thing. My friend has one and when she has put it over me when it has been cold at her house I have found it very oppressive.

4. Do you sleep with any stuffed animals?

Not usually. I have a foot tall Pikachu that rolls between the bottom of my bed and a storage crate but other than that it is just my BB8 and Harry Potter plushie pillows.

5. Do you have to have the TV on to go to sleep?

No. In fact I am paranoid about falling asleep with the tv on because my paw would get really angry at the waste of electricity.


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